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Trivia Nights

Each semester, our Social Chairs organize a Trivia Night at Ann Arbor Brewing Company where a private room is rented out by ASDA for a fun evening and perfect break from the busy schedule of dental students. Since Trivia Night under the social co-chairs has been started, each event has maxed out in capacity as 13 teams consisting each of 4 people sign up to compete for various gift card prizes based on how well they know their random facts!


Field Day

In order to combat some of the stress that dental school can throw at us, we developed this field day to allow us to just simply get outside and play. With events like an upper vs lowerclassmen kickball tournament we were able to spark civil rivalries and facilitate meaningful interactions between classes. Overall allowing meaningful interactions to occur as well as encouraging members to be outside for a period of time, to forget the stress of school, really helped change the mentality of the student body at large for the better.


D3/D4 Socials

Similar to a Lunch & Learn, our D3/D4 Social Events give sponsors much more one-on-one interaction with students where they are able to sit down with them and explain opportunities, job prospects, and much more. While the dinner may have fewer attendees, they will be D3 and D4 members looking for opportunities following graduation. This allows companies to focus their presentation to this audience while also getting to interact in a more intimate setting.

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