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Every semester, our Health and Wellness Chair hosts a week focused on wellness to promote healthy living for the mind and body. 

Through events such as a early Monday morning Parfait day and a luncheon with our Counseling and Psychological Services counselor, we hope the week is a reminder of the importance of mental and physical health! 

UMich ASDA is dedicated to ensuring the health of our members, both physically and mentally. We anticipate various events to include: endorphin releasing physical activities, such as yoga sessions and Zumba, and educational session on promoting, maintaining, and prioritizing a well balanced life to ensure stable mental health.

Have back or neck pain?! According to the Journal Physical Therapy, 70% of dentists experience back pain, with low back pain predominating in 47.6% of cases.

Our Mission

Meet The Team

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Students often come to school hungry, tired and limited on breakfast options, but through our semesterly healthy Fresh Fruit Fridays and parfait breakfasts we have been able to facilitate healthy breakfasts for students in order to kick start their days. We have even been able to bring in make-your-own parfait stations where students are able to combine several options of granola, dried and fresh fruits.

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Reaching out through social media is a great avenue to gain a wider audience, and that’s exactly what our wellness Wednesday campaign aims to do. By focusing on members of ASDA’s general body we are able to bring people into the realm of health and wellness on a more personal level and really engage with our audience. Overall our wellness Wednesday campaign engages our social media followers and incorporates some aspects of wellness that might go to the wayside otherwise. Check it out on our Instagram!



In order to combat some of the stress that dental school can throw at us, we developed this field day to allow us to just simply get outside and play. With events like an upper vs lowerclassmen kickball tournament we were able to spark civil rivalries and facilitate meaningful interactions between classes. Overall allowing meaningful interactions to occur as well as encouraging members to be outside for a period of time, to forget the stress of school, really helped change the mentality of the student body at large for the better.



Through Charity Miles we are able to track our members’ step count and engage yet again through social media in order for general body members to earn prizes and rewards. While this app encourages physical activity, it is also donating money to a worthy cause of your choosing, which in our case was Operation Smile. Being healthy and donating to a worthy cause, seems like a win-win!

UMich ASDA Yoga Session

UMich ASDA Yoga Session

Meet The Team

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