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NLD 2019- Reflection from Olivia & Joey

What was the coolest thing you experienced at National Lobby Day?

Olivia: The coolest thing was experiencing firsthand the process of activism and conversing with state representatives in the nation’s capital. I have been intimidated by the political side of things in the past. However, working with fellow dental students and dentists from across the country for a common cause was such a fun and empowering experience that I hope to become more politically involved.

Joey: The coolest thing for me at National Lobby Day was getting the chance to meet other dentists and dental students from around the state of Michigan and the entire country, all while representing U of M Dental.”

What was the most meaningful conversation you had?

Joey: The most meaningful conversation I had involved discussing potential future legislature that could allow better refinancing of student loans, as well as prevent interest accruement until after graduation

Olivia: The most meaningful conversation I had was discussing the expansion of insurance to cover more oral surgeries in medically complex patients. Private insurance companies currently deem surgeries in cases such as cleft lip/cleft palate patients to be purely esthetic. However, these patients often need multiple surgeries to restore basic oral functions and deserve to have these procedures covered.

Do you recommend this event to anyone else for the future?

Olivia: Absolutely! I plan on attending again next year!

Joey: I would recommend this events and others like it to any and all dental students, D1 through D4. As a first time attendee of National Lobby Day, I had the opportunity to gain some knowledge of the issues facing our profession and have a voice. The event is full of dentists and dental students interested in the well-being of dentistry and its future, and that great sense of the pride and unity was neat to be apart of.

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